BEHIND THE DESIGN #2 – Collaborating with Banobo

ORIGINAL ARTIST: Banobo Well to be fair, the original artist behind the Three Wolf Moon shirt (what these designs are based off of) is Antonia Neschev. But in the Smash community, one bold collage student decided that we needed an ironic 3WM shirt of our own! In comes Banobo: a talented graphic designer based in

BEHIND THE DESIGN #1 – Collaborating with Ahruon

ARTIST: Dani Oliver aka "Ahruon" Needing very little introduction, Ahruon is a very talented pixel artist and 2D/3D artist and the sole reason why I took such a liking to pixel art in the first place. Many of you in the Smash Community might know him for his Brawl/Sm4sh sprites he's released over the years.