Frequently Asked Questions

All questions you have pertaining to any of our online distributors such as Teepublic or Teespring can be found on their personal support pages. Please check there if your questions weren’t answered here.

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Teespring Support

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Unfortunately, we cannot. LCC only supplies the designs for our online products and have no direct involvement with the printing, packaging, shipping, or delivery. Those responsibilities fall solely to our online distributors (Teepublic, Teespring, Smash.gg, etc.). If you’d like to contact them about your order, please follow the links above to their support center/contact pages.

Expired products (Teespring campaigns that have ended) will be transferred to our Teepublic store after a few weeks/months after the initial campaign has ended, unless started otherwise. LIMITED EDITION products will never be sold again unless they are holiday themed. PROMO EDITION products will never be sold again period.

Teepublic usually run site-wide sales every month for around 2-4 days. Unfortunately we have no control over when sales happen on our store but when there is one, we’ll let everyone know via our Updates page or Twitter.