ARTIST: Dani Oliver aka “Ahruon”

Needing very little introduction, Ahruon is a very talented pixel artist and 2D/3D artist and the sole reason why I took such a liking to pixel art in the first place. Many of you in the Smash Community might know him for his Brawl/Sm4sh sprites he’s released over the years.

I originally contacted Ahruon sometime last year to make LCC some sprites for the top-tier characters in Melee. After some thought I figured it would be best to instead test the waters with a single sprite design of, you guessed it, Falco Lombardi. The plan was to release the graphic about a month after teasing it but unfortunately a lot of things just kept coming up and I could never decide on the right time to put it out after that. So the whole wait with this is 100% on me and I’ll try to not worry so much about “the perfect opportunity” and just release content when I can so I don’t keep you all waiting!

I’m absolutely thrilled LCC got to collaborate with such a talented artist. If you’d like us to feature Ahruon on more of our products, please let us know on Twitter! Our DMs are always open to everyone. Also, don’t forget to follow Ahruon on his Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantArt to keep up with everything he’s got going on!





Thanks for reading! We’ll be releasing a new Falco design every week of November along with one of these blog posts! I’m still deciding whether or not I want to do this with every future LCC release, so If you have any tips or feedback for these things like interviews with the artists, videos, tutorials, more in-depth screenshots of the designs being created, please DM LCC on Twitter and let me know!

Written by: Ender, Lead Designer for LCC