Well to be fair, the original artist behind the Three Wolf Moon shirt (what these designs are based off of) is Antonia Neschev. But in the Smash community, one bold collage student decided that we needed an ironic 3WM shirt of our own! In comes Banobo: a talented graphic designer based in Winnipeg, Canada. We contacted him a few months before starting LCC to ask if he’d want to collaborate on a Falco version of his popular 20XX shirt. Unfortunately the original files for his 20XX design were lost due to an HDD crash.

I had asked his permission to recreate the design myself and sell it through a new brand I was starting for the Smash Community. Although he said the permission wasn’t his to give, I still felt a bit off if he in some way didn’t get any recognition for the design. We agreed that LCC would also advertise his 20XX shirt while we sold our Three Falco Moon shirt, so if you’re not a fan of Falco then please consider checking out the Fox version here!

Make sure you also check out his Teepublic and Redbubble stores for more Smash Bros. and other video game merch!


Thanks for reading! We’ll be releasing a new Falco design every week of November along with one of these blog posts! I’m still deciding whether or not I want to do this with every future LCC release, so If you have any tips or feedback for these things like interviews with the artists, videos, tutorials, more in-depth screenshots of the designs being created, please DM LCC on Twitter and let me know!

Written by: Ender, Lead Designer for LCC