• Teepublic to Teespring move

We’ve finished moving all of our products over from Teepublic to Teespring! Sorry about the long wait, things have been moving slowly the past couple months unfortunately. We hope that keeping all of our products on one primary storefront will remove some confusion about where to snag our merch. Also the different shipping rates, printing methods, pricing, and product range will now be taken care of by only one distributor. We also hope that by only using one storefront we can be able to upload a little more frequently! Since we always tried to dump big batches of designs to Teepublic, while Teespring got occasional new, limited-run designs. With the change in storefronts you should start seeing us upload new products more frequently vs big batches of new designs every so often. If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know on Twitter!

• Holiday Sweaters

We’ll be bringing back our popular holiday sweaters from last year! They’ll launch on November 1st and be sold until January 1st. Since Teespring can only host campaigns that are no longer then 21 days, our holiday sweaters will not have a 61 day countdown, so you need to make sure you save the date so you don’t miss out! Lastly, if you want to get your sweater in time for the holidays, take a look at Teesprings shipping info to get a better estimate of when your package may arrive.

• New Falco merch

As well as bringing back our holiday sweaters, we’re going to be dropping some new Falco products as well! We’re going to be dropping 4 new Falco designs during the month of November, so please check our Twitter often as we’ll be announcing it there. We’ll also be trying something new this time around and doing some blog posts for a little “behind the scenes” on the designs. These will not be limited-time campaigns, so the only rush you’re in is getting them by the holidays!